We live today in a rapidly evolving information society, and ICTs have become critical tools for accessing knowledge. While major studies are carried out regularly elsewhere in the world on student use of ICTs (such as ECAR and Pew Internet), we have no data for the student population in Quebec. We would like to conduct a broad survey of the entire college student population in Quebec, in French and in English, starting on April 15, 2011.

We are hoping that all cégeps and colleges will participate. The survey has received a certificate of ethics from the Université de Montréal multi-faculty ethics committee. The validity of the survey relies heavily on achieving a good response rate. The institutions that participate in the study will be able to receive a report on their students’ responses, as well as a report outlining the overall results of the survey.

These sites provide information on how to distribute the survey to the students of your institution.

Survey dates

Prizes the students can win

1 13" Mac Book Pro, 1 iPad, 1 iPhone, 10 iPods (various), and 20 ebooks

Target clientele

All students registered in a French- or English-language cégep program in the regular sector (AEC students and adult education are not included)

Information documents

If your institution has an ethics policy and an ethics committee, please send all the attached documents to the committee head, requesting accelerated processing and completing any specific documents required by the institution.

Documents for the ethics committee